Moving Average

Hello everyone, i am having small problem with moving average node. I would like to perform it on my time series data, however i need to take into account groups. I would like the moving average automatically recognize change of the group which will trigger start of the "new" moving average calculation.

So for example look at this data:


                  Time      x y
1  2015-08-21T10:00:51 38.855 a
2  2015-08-21T10:02:51 38.664 a
3  2015-08-21T10:04:51 40.386 a
4  2015-08-21T10:06:51 40.386 a
5  2015-08-21T10:08:51 40.195 a
6  2015-08-21T10:10:51 40.386 a
7  2015-08-21T10:12:51 40.386 b
8  2015-08-21T10:14:51 40.195 b
9  2015-08-21T10:16:51 40.386 b
10 2015-08-21T10:18:51 38.855 b
11 2015-08-21T10:20:51 38.664 b
12 2015-08-21T10:22:51 40.386 b


The group column named is y (as we can see in this sample data it has two levels), so i would like the moving average calculation take into account group change





Hi Malvina,

you can achieve this with the group loop nodes. Loop on the column y and inside the loop do the moving aggregation only.

An Example Workflow is below.

Best, Iris