moving workflows =? deleting them???

I am moving workflows between workgroups and found that the Progress Information informed that it was "Deleting 'wkfl1'."

Now, even though it helped this morning to wake up as the adrenalin was pumping through my system. I think there will be times when I am not in need of such adrenalin and I don't think that KNIME should be working in this area.... 

Therefore, may I respectfully suggest to change the wording to something more accurate like "moving..."????


Thanks for the consideration....



Hi Bernd,

Thanks for this comment. Can you please send me a screenshot showing the wrong label? I can't find any misplaced delete/move description.

Cheers, Thomas

I guess the easiest would be to reproduce it... ;)

I use some 200-300 nodes in that workflow... This would allow for enough time to actually see the messages...

and where would I store the image???


Hi B.,

Mmm still, I don't see any notice about "deleting workflow". The only information I get in the progress window is that the traget workflow group is currently refreshed.

Thanks, Thomas