MPQA Opinion corpus

Can anyone post the link for dowloading "MPQA-OpinionCorpus-PositiveList.csv" and "MPQA-OpinionCorpus-NegativeList.csv". They are used in SentimentAnalysis public workflow under TextMiningWebinar category.

Cheers, Kilian

Kilian -


I have tried this website before. I am unable to get the .csv files out of it. I downloaded version 2.0, there are many files but it does not have "MPQA-OpinionCorpus-PositiveList.csv" or its negative csv.

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Hi ,

I am just learning sentiment analysis so please excuse me if myquestion is naive.

Please explaing how to extract prositive and negative word list from MPQA corpus. 

I am trying to find out the sentiment expressed in news items in Google News regarding Modi's (India's PM) visit to foreign countries.  The workflow I did so far is Table creator>> Websearch>>StringtoDocument>>ColumnFilter>>OpenNLPFilter(person)>>Bagofwords>>StandardNameedEntity filter>>Tags to string>>TF>>GroupBy>>ColorManager>>Tag Cloud.  I am getting the wordcloud. 

Now I want to get the sentiment words, so I want to use MPQA corpus for this purpose.  Please help. 

Thanks in advance.

Sathish PV 




How to get the .csv files out of it