Muliple CSV files column by column

Hi together!

Much has already been written about reading in CSV,
but I despair to bring the data from the files next to each other.

The Problem:
I bring all CSVs into a table also column by column, no problem but…

The data sheets always have the same structure (date, specification) and also the same number of lines.

I would like to write the data of the CSV files next to each other and not fill them up with “?” and then start with the next values in the next column only in line 156, but also the values (CSV2) also in line 1 of column 4 etc.

My WF:

With which settings can I do this or with which node?

I would be very grateful for a hint!
Many greetings

Hello @sabsab,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Seems you need to use different loop ending.



Hi Ivan,
it can be so easy when you know.
Thank you, that was the solution!

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