(Multi Column) version of Rule & Column Expression

It would be great to have a multi-column version of these nodes. There are a ton of multi column tasks that are missing or less intuitive in the Math and Sting nodes which would be simplified quite a bit with these new additions. I would love to be able to generally leverage the multi tool capabilities of the Rule Engine / Column Expressions nodes on multiple columns at once.

For example: You could change 50 binary columns into Boolean in a few seconds with a Multi Column Rule Engine.

Hi @iCFO ,
Thanks for your suggestion.
A ticket exists to explore the multi-tool capabilities of the Column expression node.
We will keep you updated regarding this.



Here there is a forum topic illustrating a use case, when ‘Rule Engine (Multi Column)’ could handle a task in a single node:

Voted +1 from my side.


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One that I would use weekly would be to use Regex to remove any non numeric characters from all “number” columns to clean up sloppy manual entry in cells. Things like “$1,500 (estimate)” or “TBD” or “10000 - see breakdown to right”. I may also need to round them and then convert them to another number type like integer.

I currently get around this with the String Multi node, but have to use a flow variable column test / selection process since it fails when a column is not String type. This become trickier in a loop involving pivots and heavy transformations… Column Expression or Rule Engine could better handle variations in the column input types.