Multi datasource combination

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Here I have many SQL SERVER databases which contain the same table, called "A" for example. Now I need to combinate all the "A" tables to the table "B", which has the same structure as "A" and stores in a Vectorwise database.

As far as I know, the "Database Reader" node can be used to read data from SQL SERVER databases and the "Database Writer" node can write data to the Vectorwise database. As there are many SQL SERVER databases, I need to create many "Database Reader" nodes. But the "Database Writer" node can only attach to one "Database Reader" node. So, how can I attach all of the "Database Reader" nodes to the same "Database Writer" node.

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That depends on what "combinate" means. I suppose it means "concatenate"? Then use Concatenate Nodes. If you have many similar Databases, you could also put the Reader in a Loop and concatenate the results in a Loop End.

But actually, the "combinate" part is what Knime is all about, so there are many ways... ;)

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I fixed my mind in a wrong idea and wanted to concatenate all the SQL SERVER databases(more than two) with only one node. What a mistake!