Multi-variable input

Hi!  I am trying to find a nice way to allow workflow users to specify multiple file paths and molecular property limits (rotatable bond count, LogP, number of aryl rings, Lipinski compliance, path to an external executable) - using a single node.  Inputs will be double, integers and strings.

Other than a "Table Creator" node is there any other way to achieve using a single node?  The problem with the table creator node is that the cell widths are fixed, so the column header is sometimes not entirely visible.


Try using the Quickform nodes and put them inside a metanode.

Then when you right click and choose Configure, the user can have lots of options to select.


Thanks Simon - works a treat, and a nice feature to know about!


Hi @richards99

Could you please elaborate a little more on your answer? I am not sure if, what I need, is what the user above requested.

I am using a ‘Column Expression’ node. I am currently bringing in the output from a ‘table row to variable’ (variable/node). However, I need more than one variable input on the column expression. When I select a second ‘table row to variable’ (variable/node) it overwrites it only allowing me to use one.

If required to know…

On my ‘column expression’ I am writing an expression that will search for one variable in a column ie:
if (contains(column(“AB”,“variable 1”) == true) {
do this
} or
if (contains(column(“AB”,“variable 2”) == true) {
do this as well
} else {
do that

With this node and example shown : Quickforms and Metanodes – KNIME Hub

I was not able to understand. I appreciate your time.


are you talking about merging variables before connecting them? If so there is a node with the same name

No @Daniel_Weikert ,

conditional expression OR based on one variable or another.


This thread is 7 years old. The column expression e.g. did not exist back then and quick forms are deprecated now.
Please start a new thread.

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