Multicolumn formula for columns with identical names

Hello to everyone!

Do you know how to make table like Table3, using data from Table1 and Table2?

I think about node Joiner node (join by ID) and “StringManipulation (Multicolumn)” node.

But nothing worked

You might consider using the column rename node first and then a join based on the ID.

I join two tables using the Joiner node and add a suffix for the right table, but I need a dynamic formula for the result table (Table3), that will calculate the difference between identically named columns.

Hi @greatvarona , this is a simple table attachment task (+ math calculation). I’m sure if you upload your workflow here, @knimediger or somebody else can start working on it real fast. Best of luck!


Please check whether the attached workflow helps your need.

Sample For Testing.knwf (31.8 KB)

Prem Kumar R


Is a python script an option?
If not I assume the solution involves a loop with column rename regex and then a math formula subtracting the renamed columns, and rename them back. Some of the sophisticated members here have built something similar in the past if I remember correctly.

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