Multiobjective optimisation

Hello everybody,

could someone explain how to use the Multiobjective Score Computation node?

I've been trying too use if to score 8 items vs 3 out of 4 properties, but so far, I've not been able to obtain anything but "NaN" in the score columns?

What should I feed the second data port with?

attached bellow, a WF that contains the data.




The first input contains the objects under considerations with all their properties. The second input port must contain collections of row keys that correspond to rows in the first input table. Each row (i.e. set of objects) in the second table is scored with the formula(e) in the score computation node.

Note that this node does not perform any optimization. It just computes scores for already existing subsets of objects/row. If you want to perform optimization you need to use the Multiobjective Subset Selection. There are also examples on the example server.

Thor, Thank you for this quick answer, it will helps (hopefully). Based on the node description provided in the interface, such an understanding was not that obvious.

I just would like to point out that this node is not examplified in the example server you mention, all others are, but not this specific one ;-) Would that be possible to upload such an example on the server uner the 014_Optimization category?


Thank you again.