Multipart POST request issue

I was trying to convert a curl command to something digestible by Knime, but after some search, I realized it’s not possible to create multipart POST request (-F option in cURL) in Knime. Since my post request includes uploading an image file, I failed to find a way to make it, with a constant body solution.
Before trying to handle it in R, wanted to ask once, if it’s certainly not possible to create a multipart POST request involving image upload, in native Knime environment?

Hi @rogerwilco,

You might be able to achieve this using the Palladian extensions, see here: POST in HTTP-Retriever - including file upload (multiple body content)


Hi @RolandBurger thanks for the link. I have found another solution but I will keep this link handy, in case my solution fails.

@rogerwilco I am curious to the other solution you have. Could you please explain it?

@Nmechairia hi, unfortunately the solution I found was not in knime environment. It’s solved using a custom python script.