Multiple charts from one “data to report” node


I’m using BIRT reporting tool in KNIME 2.7.4. This is a very great tool! My question is the next one:

My goal is to build automatically several charts from one reporting table from a “Data to Report” node. Thereby, one different bar chart should be created from each group of rows corresponding to the same id in the table. The procedure described in the next link seems not working for my case:

How should I proceed?

Example of table:

A, x1, y1

A, x2, y2

A, x3, y3

B, x4, y4

B, x5, y5

B, x6, y6

Form this table I would BIRT to draw 2 charts, the number of charts is not known in advance.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Seb,


1) Use a grouby node on the column you want to create charts for.  No need for aggergation options.


2) Feed the groups table into a data to report node.


3) Create a table in birt of the groups and then add a chart. 


4) Change the data binding of the chart so it is associated with the data instead of the groups.


5) Add a filter to the chart which looks something like:

     row["<grouping_column_from_data_table>"] Equal to row._outer[“<grouping_column_from_groups_table>”]


See attached workflow for a simplified example.




Hi Aaron,

Thank you a lot for this small example. It seems that's exactly what I need!

Thanks for your quick answer.


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