Multiple columns comparision

Hi, I’m trying to solve this problem: one simple table with ID and many columns with date values, let me say 5

ID col1 col2 col2 col3 col4 col5
1 date_a date_b date_c date_d date_d date_e
2 …

my needing is to identify the minimum value:

ID min_date
1 xxxx

I’ve used Column Comparator, but it’s really uncomfortable with many columns

I also tried to transpose date to something like:

ID row_values
1 date_a
1 date_b
1 date_c
1 date_d
1 date_e

and then grouping to get (for instance) minimum
but I didn’t find the right NODE to transpose in that way

thanks in advantage for your suggestions

Hi and welcome to the KNIME forum,

Use this node and the “min” function to find the minimum value among the date columns.

Here you can read more about how to use the node:


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You can also try the “Column Aggregator” node: less coding :slight_smile:


Many thanks Armin and Hans

I tried “Column Aggregator” and it’s really simple and strong! Thank you Hans

I’m also very impressed by “Column Expressions”, thank you Armin for the link…I discovered

Unfortunately I was no able to find the node and/or install it by updating (Knime 3.7 updated every day). How can I get it?

Follow the link I shared at and you will find a section named “Installation”.
You have to install the required extension.


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you can also think about to use the unpivot node and then the group by node.


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Hi @mauipm!

KNIME offers multiple integrations and extensions. Here you can read more on how to get nodes these extensions :wink:


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