Multiple Conditions in String Manipulation Node

I am new to KNIME, would you please help the following:

I have hundreds of documents with containing some alphanumeric values in a term (column), e.g. USD10M, 10mm, ABC1000, and EUR1,000K. I would like to remove (or identify) them using String Manipulation node, i.e. indexOf($Term$,"1").

However, I don't know how to search all 0-9, I have tried to set condition for "1" and "2", i.e. indexOf($Term$,"1"); indexOf($Term$,"2"). or indexOf($Term$,"1")|indexOf($Term$,"2"). But all these fail.

Then, I try to use regexReplace to replace them, I can only success in a pre-defined pattern, e.g. regexReplace($Term$,"[0-9][a-z]|[a-z][0-9]" ,"" ).

I have used RegEX Filter node to try, no errors but can't filter out anything.

Appreciated if everyone can help me about this.

Hi Lawson, I think you can try the reference row filter node and specify all the possible options to be filtered. 

Hope it helps

Many thanks.

Do you know how to specify the criteria to screen out the pattern abc999def, given I don't know the pattern of abc, 999, and def, i.e. any characters in string in any length, e.g. "sedfwer193243werwf" is one of the possible pattern, and I want to have a generic approach to filter out these rows.

Thanks again.

Hi, in that case you can use the Row Filter node and you can use the following option to filter the rows that contains AUL.

Please see the image