Multiple CSV files within a Single Datafile

Folks I need a concept/idea  to start out a project.  A software tool my company uses produces a "backup" file in a very unique form.  It generates multiple CSV formatted files inside a single source datafile.  Each CSV is separated by the original table name within brackets and a blank line.  Then the column headers followed by the data lines.  This one file has about 100 tables defined in the single source file.

I'm looking for a way to read the source file and break it down into one file physical for each table so I can process them with CSV readers.  An example of the source file looks something like this:




"ATT","555-123-456","1234 MAIN STREET",...

"SPRINT","555-123-456","456 MAIN STREET",...

"VERIZON","555-123-456","1234 MAIN STREET",...








I attached my solution (workflow.svg):
test.csv - input data
ACCOUNTS.csv - loop output (iteration 0)
CONTACTS.csv - loop output (iteration 1)

Workflow loops through all parts of input file and creates separate files for each ([header] + data), description:
node 126 (126.png) - imports all data into one column (no blank rows)
node 127 (127.png) - creates column (output file name) only with header data, regexp = "^\\[(.*)\\]$" matches only string which starts with "[" and ends with "]".
node 128 - fills empty rows in new column (output file name) with data from previous row (string=previous value)
node 130 - group by new column (output file name)
node 134 (134.png) - creates output file path
node 131 - filters only data column


Thank you Robert for the workflow, but I replicated it and the workflow writes the files in a unknown folder. 

I beg you if could you please check the attached the workflow

Best regards


my remarks:
node 2 - don't replace data column, create new one
node 3 - choose 'previous value' option
node 4 - include only new column (group by)
node 7 - choose flow variable (outputfilupath) as your output path

workflow in attachment.