Multiple DB Connections in one Meta-node output


I saw on this forum how to ease the use of a “master” DB connection by using a shared meta-node that encapsulate a DB-connection. The purpose was: if the password connection change (or even the RDBMS), it is easier to change only one point (the meta-node), so that everyone is up to date.

But Id’ like to go further, if it is possible.

I work with multiple Oracle schema, therefore, multiple connections, therefore, multiple meta-node.

Is there a way to gather all the connections into one meta-node that output a “list” of all connection? That way, the user can use a single meta-node, run the meta-node, select (through a filter ?) the connection (s)he wants for (her)his DB queries?

Hi there!

Sry for a delay on this one. I’m pretty sure there is a way but not sure how the process should go.
Should the Metanode connect to all databases and after you only chose one connection you use (I guess not) or it should connect only to one after the Metanode execution (again not I guess) or something third (probably :slight_smile: )…

What you can do is a Wrapped Metanode with Quickform selection nodes in it. This way prior to executing it you should choose DB parameters (URL, user and password) in configuration window of Wrapped Metanode depending on what Oracle schema you want to connect. See the picture of configuration window. I used Single Selection nodes with different option for Selection Type. Last Single Selection node is followed with Database Connector node connected to Database Reader node outside of Wrapped Metanode.


Hope this helps :wink:


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Hello Ivan,

Thanks your suggestion, I like the idea, but indeed, your are limited to one connection per metanode.
In my case, I don’t need/want to connect to all DB and only use some of them. Instead, depending on the project or WF, 1, 2, 3 or more connections might be needed.

But, I think now that I can use your solution and create a “1-Connection DB meta node”, a “2-Connection DB meta node” and so on, each time outputing 1, 2, etc connections. When running a meta-node, the user can selection the connections (s)he wants. So it limits the number of meta-node, but not the combinations.

Thanks a lot for your reply and solution!



Hi Cyril!

I see. Theoretically (and in practice!) you could have only 1 Metanode that would handle every scenario (unless you need 20 connections but up to 3,4,5 it shouldn’t be too complicated). On the top of my head you should use Case Switch node or Empty Table Switch nodes with combination to multiple Single Selection nodes :wink:


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