Multiple Executors on the same machine


I have tried to construct the Distributed Executors on the KNIME Server Large with a partner license.

Meanwhile, I have a question whether the multiple executors are available on the same machine.

I installed executor no.1 and executor no.2 on the same machine and then I experimented that these two executors are available with the RabbitMQ.

However, it occurred an error and I couldn’t solve this problem.

Is it possible to implement multiple executors on the same machine or not?



The error that you reported should not prevent correct functionality. Can you please confirm that workflows are executed as expected?

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Hi @Vincenzo,

It’s been a while! Sorry for the late reply but it was a big holiday in Korea.

I had been not sure, so I attempted to execute the workflows on the KNIME AP and the workflows are executed as expected.

However the complex problem has been solved, so I don’t worry about this error anymore.

Here is the answer:

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