Multiple formulas calculated at the same time

I have some formulas that should be calculated at the same time to force the output to be 0.
So it should be repeated as long as it’s not 0.
Here’s an exemple:

Month Quantity Quantity used Data target Calculated quantity Number1 Number2 Extra
1 2 2 1 3 quantity+ Data = 2+1 calculated quantity - target = 2+1 - 3
2 3 Calculated quantity month 1 + Quantity = 2+1+3 calculated data to have extra=0 2 quantity+ Data calculated quantity - target
4 4 calculated quantity - target
5 3 calculated quantity - target

so for missing values in Data columns, the formula is repeated till the extra column = 0
and “quantity calculated” & “quantity used” are updated at the same time.
for the “quantity calculated” i’ve already used a loop but as long as data has missing values it doesnt work.

Can anyone help me with that?


This is already answered here:




A part of it is already answered but I don’t know how to calculate multiple formulas at the same time. All the columns should be updated simultaneously.

What exactly do you mean by simultaneously? And why is that?


Because as long as it’s not done at the same time they’ll be empty cells so they’ll be no calculations done. It’s all connected

What do you need in addition to the solution by @HansS?
His solution is filling all the fields you need.
What’s the problem?


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@HansS Solution helped me calculate the Quantity but but the Data isn’t updated automatically.
As I’ve shown in the exemple, I would like to create a loop that will keep repeating the same formula as long as the extra hasn’t reached 0 and at the same time the quantity should be calculated.
I don’t know if my explanation is clear

So you want to stop the loop if the value of the Extra column is 0, right?

Use the “End loop with variable” option in the configuration window of the Recursive Loop End.


Here’s an example of what I want to do

example.xlsx (9.3 KB)

If the solution provided by @HansS is doing what you want and now you want to have each month as a column, here is what you need to do:

Use a RowID node and choose the “month” column to replace the row IDs and check the “Remove selected column” option. Then use a Transpose node and it’s done.


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