Multiple inputs to R node


I was wondering if there is any good way to provide two data inputs to an R node.

I want to provide a matrix from one file and a column of a matrix from another file to an R node and perform some operations on them. I've tried flow variables but I haven't been able to figure out how to grab a column of data that way. I could try forcing the data from the two tables into some combined table and separate the data in the R node but that seems messy.


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we have an R-snippet of our R-integration (see Community contributions - Scripting integrations) with two input ports. In R you will have then the variables kIn1 and kIn2. But to use these nodes you will need an R installation which can run a local R-server at least.

The other thing I could think of. Combine all entries of your column with a good separator into one big string, pass the string as flow variable to R and separate the values in R again...

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