Multiple interactive tables and HiLite filters

Hi all,

Is it possible to use multiple interactive tables (for hiliting) and HiLite filters in the same workflow?

By "using" i mean to hilite something and then, after some time, to get back to this table and see what was hilited (and add HiLite more items, or unHiLite items). I have some problems with that - when adding new interactive table, the hilited content of the previous ones vanishes).

KNIME v2.10.0.

Any tips for convinient use of multiple interactive tables?

best wishes,


The highlight information is available throughout the whole workflow and independent from the number of views connected to same data source. The HiLite Filter node separates the highlighted from the non-highlighted data rows, and somehow persists the current highlight status which is not saved with the workflow and only available as long as the workflow remains opened. I guess, we would need to have an example workflow to reproduce the problem you are seeing with the highlighting... Thanks.