multiple node development

Well I've just written my first knime node and can test it ok in a runtime workbench workflow project. It doesn't have any inputs but has 1 output.

Now, I've created a new knime project for another node but when I debug this the node in another runtime workbench workflow project I don't see the 1st node show in the repository window along with this 2nd node and I need to wire the first node to the 2nd nodes input for testing the 2nd node.

I did file>export for the nodes and would have expected the 1st created jar file to cause it appear in the repository window.

I've got my node projects in the tree

I've also tried copying the exported jar for the 1st node into the c:\eclipse\plugin folder and restarting eclipse but the node still doesn't show up in the repo window.

I'm new to Eclipse and Knime and need some advice. Clearly, I've missed something important so if anyone can suggest the way to develop multiple nodes that are to be used with each other I would appreciate it a lot as

found the issue. It would appear that you have to use different package namespaces for each node project otherwise when exporting two nodes that use the same package one will effectively 'knock-out' the other so you'll only see one of them in the launched knime workspace. I found this out when I successfully got a new test node working alongside my 1st real node and guessed it was because of using a different package. Cost me 2 days!