Multiple outputs from a join?

Hi all,
I have a workflow where I analyse carrier data and provide the results to a reporting tool.
Before doing so this data needs to be joined with different master data files in order to find differences from this master data.
These differences will be reported to the carriers, so they can make necessary changes. At the same time the the remaining data must be passed to the reporting tool.

Currently I use a joiner for the carrier report and leave the data as is in the output for the tool (containing unwanted gaps).

My problem is: how do I get this data split from each other? So that any differences go into the carrier report and the remaining go into the tool. Is there an elegant way to do this?


Hi @gentile,

the reference row filter:


Hi @gentile Check out the new Joiner (Labs) node that comes with KNIME4.2.

Output unmatched rows to separate ports: If selected, the node will produce three output tables instead of one. The top output port contains the combined rows, the middle output port contains the unmatched rows from the left input table (if they are included in the “Include in output” settings), and the bottom port contains the unmatched rows from the right input table.
gr. Hans


Thanks @AnotherFraudUser and @HansS. I’ll give it a shot.


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