Multiple Pivot Tables from the same table


I have a table (excel) with sales data worldwide that looks something like this:

I need to create different pivot tables based on the Region. So basically each region should have a file (excel) with their countries and aggregation of sales per country. As I am quite new to KNIME, I don’t yet know how to split this table / what node to use in order to make the 6 different pivot tables (Yes we have 6 different regions).

Any idea is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

Use one of the row filters or Row Splitters (may work faster).

Hi @izaychik63,

Could you share a bit more details please?

Thank you!

Read Excel file to KNIME
and use, say, cascade of Nominal Row Splitters based on the region.
every top portion (except the last splitter) of the split write to corresponding Excel file
last splitter will be a source for 2 Excel writers.


That was easier than I thought. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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