Multiple Report files using Call Remote Workflow

I have two workflows. The outer workflow calls the inner workflow using 'Call Remote workflow' node. The outer workflow provides a table of values to the inner workflow. In the inner workflow, for each value (row) in the table some computations are performed and a report is to be generated in HTML format i.e. one HTML report for each row value's output data. Is it possible to generate separate report files in this way?

Currently in the output of the 'Call Remote Workflow' node the Report column(BLOB) is empty. I have selected the checkbox "Create Report" while configuring the 'Call Remote Workflow' node. Please refer to the attached images.

Thanks in advance!


this is difficult to diagnose without seeing the workflows. 

Does your workflow generate the report if you do it the traditional way? Are there any errors?

Best, Iris

Hello Iris,

I have attached the example workflow.
If you check the output of Call Remote Workflow node, you can find results as null values(Report).
Although I have checked Create Report as PDF while configuring Call Remote Workflow.



the TestWF_Inner does not have a report attached. To add a report you need to open the KNIME Report desginer and from there design your report. 

Here you find some more information about how you can generate a report. 

In additon, if you got to our example server please see this workflow knime://EXAMPLES/09_Enterprise/01_Server/01_Generate_a_Report_and_Save_the_File as an example how to use the report functionality.

Best regards, Iris 

Hi Iris,

I had data to report node in my inner workflow. But I tried to do it again and it worked.

But when I was trying to Call Remote Workflow for the list of values, my innner workflow is returning the same result (binary fromat) for different values. How it can be solved? 

Since there are some liminted options to generate report, Is it posible to generate and save the report in .html format?

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