Multiple Reports Required Feature Request

In building a Report from a workflow, you are restricted to that one style of report.

It can be useful to build a Report in a certain way for one customer, and in a different style for a different customer. For example, there may need to be greater emphasis on one area of data for one customer, and another customer is more interested in a different area of data.

Therefore it would be useful to be able to create multiple reports. Whether thats multiple Master Pages, or Multiple Layout pages I dont mind. At the moment I am having to create a Report for both customers and then delete one half of the content, depending on which customer to send it to. It works but its not elegant.



Hi Simon,

If you just have a single "Data to Report" node at the end of the workflow you could place a "Table writer" in parallel and save the workflow data to disk. Setting up an alternative report can then be done by a workflow that just has a "Table Reader" and a "Data to Report" node - then you have all the same data available in a completely separate report. Not too elegant either, but works OK for me.

Cheers, -- Jan

Thanks for the information, thats a good workaround, as you say not elegant, but does the trick. Cheers, Simon.