Multiple Rolling Excel Sumifs

I’m somewhat new to Knime and have hit a wall. I’m trying to use Knime to do what I can do in Excel. I want to calculate SUMIFS based on multiple criteria.

Criteria to use:
Customer #
Product Code

I want to calculate trailing 30 day stockouts based on Customer/Product/Date.

I’ve looked at multiple examples of group by, column aggregator or loops and I can’t seem to figure this out.

I’ve attached an example of the data as well as the desired outcome.

Thanks for any help. Share.xlsx (14.5 KB)

Question on SUMIF came up a couple of times in the forum. @ipazin created an example for this and shared it in this thread: Sumifs Excel - #14 by ipazin

@elsamuel also provided an example for this: Sumif and Conditional formatting ideas - #2 by elsamuel


Thank You @Marten_Pfannenschmidt for the example workflow. Where I am getting stuck is the Sum IFS to sum between dates. I’ve attached a sample workflow that I was using to achieve this, however its resulting in an empty table.


Does this need to be setup with a rule based filter within a loop?

Sumifs Example.knwf (19.2 KB)

you compare ticket date < ticket date so basically the cell value with itself. This can never be true

@Daniel_Weikert, Understood, but how would one do a sumif based on a date range?

Hello @DataWing,

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You should loop over your criteria (use Group Loop Start node to define grouping columns) and in each iteration perform your calculation. Check workflow example where I got your desired outcome. Though not sure I got your logic with dates properly.
Sumifs Example_ipazin.knwf (40.6 KB)


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Hi @ipazin-
Thank you so much for the help! Your workflow is a big help! But I am still not able to get the desired outcome based on the date logic.

Date Logic: Trying to sum the Stock Out column based on Prior 30 days from date of “TicketDate” by Customer/Product.

I re-did my work flow based on your logic, but still not able to calc the prior 30 days. For example, see excel file.

For Customer 4680 on Ticket Date 4/7/2021, the trailing 30 day range is until 3/8/2021. So therefore the Prior 30 Day Stock out should be 1. Current Knime workflow is still calc 4.

share export1.xlsx (12.7 KB)
Sumifs Example_rework.knwf (31.7 KB)

Hello @DataWing,

then seems you need to go row by row, filter one month data based on it and sum it. Check out workflow attached:
Sumifs Example_rework_ipazin.knwf (83.2 KB)



Thanks @ipazin. This worked for me. I was also able to learn a lot through your workflow as well.


Glad to hear that @DataWing :slight_smile:

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