Multiple servers for KNIME Server Large.


Thanks for your kind reply all the time. I’ve got a question again.:thinking:

I found a piece of information about KNIME Server Large that > General > Number of server installations > KNIME Server Large == Multiple.

Does that mean what I can run over two or more KNIME Server by a license?

But, the license has only one MAC address for one KNIME Server, doesn’t it?

I think that running multiple KNIME servers requires buying multiple licenses for Server Large, or having multiple MAC addresses available under one license, how can I operate multiple servers for KNIME Server Large?

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Hi @EXEM-Kim,

You are correct - KNIME Server Large allows you to use multiple installations of KNIME Server. To be specific, we don’t count number of installations, we count number of cores. You purchase a certain number of cores as part of your license.
Based on that, you are free to distribute those cores among one ore more server installations. E.g., you purchase a 16 core license for KNIME Server Large, which you can then use to run two 8-core server installations. In this case, we would provide you with two license files.

Hope that helps!



Hi @RolandBurger,

It’s a perfectly clear answer.



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