Multiple Versions of 'Knime Analytics Platform' on Client


Can I install multiple Versions of ‘Knime Analytics Platform’ with the intension
to install/update the missing Extension:

Data Explorer Node (Knime Labs)
which is not available in Knime Analytics Platform 4.4.1.
The Installer forces me to deinstall the older Version, which I can’t accept.
I can’t update to the newer Version unless the Version on the Knime-Server is
updated too.

greetings B.Kochs

Hello @b_kochs ,

welcome to the Forum!

It is possible to have multiple versions of AP on the same local machine. You can download the .zip archive from here.

Download it to a different place where your “old” local AP is, extract it and use the knime.exe to launch the application.

Please note that if you build a workflow in an AP which version is newer than the executor version on your server, you won’t be able to deploy that workflow on your server.

I hope it helps!
Let me know if you need further assistance here!



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