Multiple WebDriver Factories interfer with each other?


I have eventually have identified a bug. When two (and possible more) WebDriver Factories are started, but one gets terminated before the other finishes, the consequent error is thrown:
ERROR Find Elements 9:117 Selenium data not available. Please reset the “Start WebDriver” node and rerun.

Both WebDrivers are not connected to each other. Reason for this is that the second is started with different instructions (Incognito).

Let me know if I shall provide a testing workflow.


False-Positive … starting Chrome in Incognito mode in the WebDriver Factory does not expose the WebDriver as an available column despite being available. Bug or feature?

Workflow to showcase the issue

@mwiegand Looks like a Friday afternoon issue to me :smile:

There were two nodes placed on top of each other, each being only halfway connected:


Har har … hilarious. Thanks for spotting this. There should be some sort of warning or the UI should prevent positioning two nodes on the same grid-spot/knot.

I, as presumably many others, faced this before. Super inconvenient the the “knime-representation” of a missing semicolon or closing bracket. I might raise this as a feature request for Knime.

Anyways, thanks again for pointing that out. I updated the workflow.


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