Multiple workflow windows side-by-side, alt. multiple instances of Knime in parallel?

Is it possible to have two workflow windows open side-by-side? If so I don't see anything obvious.

Alternative have two instances of Knime running?

Would be nice when comparing workflows without copying them over temporarily (not so great if they are big workflows).


You can't open the same workflow twice, but you can drag one workflow editor (by its tab header) to the right or left of another editor and then they are shown side by side (just like you can re-arrange the views).

Thanks for this question - it made me wonder whether it was possible too, as you can do this with other eclipse editors, and it had never occured to me to try it with knime workflows!

As Thorsten says, if you drag the workflow name tab to the left, right or bottom edge of the workflow editing pane, then the cursor will turn to an arrow, and and outline splitting the parent area in two will appear.  You can also do it multiple times to dice up the area into smaller chunks with more workflows.  To undo, drag the tab back into the 'main' part of the editor window.

Also, if you then double click on any of the open workflow tabs, you will toggle between the workflow editor taking up the entire KNIME window and back again.

That is REALLY useful!!