Multiple Workflows - multiple Reports

Hello alltogether,

I have one database-table and would like to generate different reports (not one pdf with different charts on it, instead: different pdf-documents with one chart each).

I guess, this is not possible and it needs a workaround.

I tried it this way: write data-analysis to a table, create a new workflow and read this table.
So far so good, now I have different reports.

If the main data change, I had to reset all worklows​.

Is it possible to reset all the workflows with a single click ?
Or is there a better way to get what I want ?

Berthold Lausch

Hi Berthold,

As part of the KNIME 2.12 commercial offerings it would be possible to do this using the local/remote automation feature:



Hello Jon,

I followed the link, You posted, but what I did not found is a way (especilly a price) to buy the mentioned node.

Do You know, how to do this ?