Multiplying columns with different values


last time you helped me a lot with your tips.
Now i have a different problem.
I have a cross Matrix of product sellings.
P1 P2 P3
P1 0 2 3
P2 2 0 4
P3 3 4 0

I want to divide the colums by the absolute value of the column in a differnet table
The other Table looks like this
P1 5
P2 10
P3 15

The final table should look like this
P1 P2 P3
P1 0 0,2 0,2
P2 0,4 0 0.26666
P3 0,6 0,4 0

In excel i would make an matrix multiplication.

Thank you in advancy

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Hi @Jace746

yes, the KNIME community is great :wink: !

Let’s see :thinking:


This solution should be generic provided that the dimension of your two tables are compatible to do the scalar “matrix multiplication”.

20210818 Pikairos Multiplying columns with different values.knwf (38.9 KB)

Would this be of help :wink: ?




Hi @aworker,

perfekt, exactly what i needed!
Thank you very much!

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Hi @Jace746

Glad to read that it fits your needs and you are happy with this solution. In this case, could you please check :heavy_check_mark:the answer with the workflow as solved :blush: ?

Thanks & best regards,


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