Multivariate linear regression for 13 different outcome variables

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I am performing multivariate linear regression with 9 explanatory variables. This is obviously no problem and done in an instant with the Linear Regression Learner node. The problem I am facing is that I am trying to perform this regression with the same 9 explanatory variables on 13 different outcome variables. I am looking for a solution to perform these 13 regression calculations elegantly, without simply brute-forcing it and dropping 13 Linear Regression Learner nodes into my workflow. Not only would it clutter my current workflow, but the intention of my current research is to extend the analysis to many more outcome variables, which would not just clutter a future workflow but make it near undoable to go about this without finding a more elegant solution.


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With Table Creator you can create a list of target variables, which you can transform into a flow variable and then use in a loop.