Multivariate Z prime Node Help

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to knime and was wondering how I can get the multivariate Z prime node to work. I am able to have the node execute and complete, but in the box where the multivariate Z prime should be there is simply a ?. I tried many different ways to control my table but am simply unable to generater a multivariate- z prime. Right now, I am grouping by the plateID (I.E. name of experiment) and then subsetting by the treatment column (which just has PC or NC depending on the class the row belongs to). If there is anyway to show me a workflow the node works properly or help me get my data to work that would be tremendously helpful. My data has many more rows than columns as well if that makes a difference.



Hi JW,
I have to admit, that I did not use this node for some years. I can confirm, that it does not work properly but it will take me some time to troubleshoot and fix the problem. I’m sorry for the bad news…


Thanks for getting me back to me! That’s perfectly ok I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong from my end. If you can fix it that would be great, as I think it is a very useful node for many scientists across the board.



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