(My) Error with HTTP connection + download nodes

Any idea how I could solve the following problem? When I use a browser (Safari for Mac or any other browser, really) to access this URL, a zip file is downloaded. But when I try to emulate same behavior in KNIME using the HTTP connection + download nodes, the process times out (See attached workflow). Any help/hint would be appreciated! BR. Martin

If you require a proxy, it must be configured in the Analytics Platform, too.

Thank you for the hint, Thor! It is configured in my client, but somehow still not working. I'll see if anybody inhouse has a solution. Regards. Martin

I managed to solve the proxy configuration problem (You were right on spot!). Still, when I execute the originally attached workflow, instead of a zip file containing the individual XML files (Which is what I get when resolving the URL in a browser; see attached zip file), KNIME downloads a single file with some HTML/XML code (See attached "no extension" text file; I added the .txt extension, otherwise this site wouldn't let me upload it). So obviously there's something else that I need to do, and I have no idea what that would be... Any ideas?