my node need to run first, and then get an output, and then give input(based on the output), how do I do this?

So basically, I need to do this

i need to get a URL creatd by the program, manually paste that URL in web browser, and get a code, and type it in.


Paste this URL into a web browser to authorize BigQuery Access:*****85613-l1tuae4595mv****
... and type the code you received here: 
Is there a way i can do this in one node? I prefer that becuase I am not sure if I can split the code. Or do I have to split this into two nodes?
Thank you very much!

Hi donna, I don't think we have a native KNIME node to do this task: a) check out the Java Snippet, because Java can do the work or b) implement your own KNIME node using the KNIME SDK, again all in Java. Sorry, I draw a blank.