My own R-Scripting templates

I want to contribute my own R-templates to the community
They are used for Flowcytometry and include a ternary plot, 2d histogram's and more.
More plots are on the way.

You can find them over here:

They are supposed for the R Plot.

If you find any bugs, or are interested, please let me know on

Hi Kris,

just one comment on 'your' Boxplot template:

It would be nice if you don't change the author of a template just because you change one minor thing. Instead you might add something like 'modified by ...'.

Further, it would be nice if you add an example image which actually can be created with this template (not just one downloaded somewhere in the internet which cannot be created without modifying the script).


Hi niederle

First, let me say sorry for putting my own name on the boxplot. I suppose that happened with me using my own template and looked over it when checking if I didn't copy anything. this has been replaced again.

Second, I replaced all figures(some were still placeholders) so now they should be correct to what you can get with my templates.

I also added a bagplot and I'm working on t-tests and other tests.

Greetings Kris

Thanks Kris :-)

It's nice to see people outside our institute working with the scripting nodes. That gives enough input to improve the stuff.