MySQL Connector with Database Reader don´t give the correct date&time

Hello, I need some help for this issue:
I get data from my database via the MySQL Connector and Database Reader.
I have specified “Timezone Correction” as “no correctcion (use UTC)”. Date and time are given as “Date and Time value” but in this vaule: 08.Dec.2017 06: 43: 29.000
At my database the value is: 2017-12-08 07:43:29, I want to use the same value in KNIME.
How can I get the right value? Has anyone an idea?

The “No correction (use UTC)” is poorly labeled - it should more correctly read “Use UTC”.

For example, if in my local MySQL instance, i do SET @@global.time_zone = 'America/Los_Angeles';, (then quit my mysql client and reconnect,) then do something like SELECT NOW() FROM some_table LIMIT 1; i will see the correct time per my wall clock (as i’m in that timezone.)

If i use the MySQL Connector node configured with “No correction”, then run a similar query via the Database Reader node, i will get a time in UTC; only by configuring the connector node to “Use local timezone” will i get my local time. (This is also all true if i return my MySQL instance’s setting to UTC by SET @@global.time_zone = '+00:00'; )

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