Mysql database periodical read/write

Dear all,
I want to read from a mysql database everymnutes. How is it possible with knime?
I search the different loop nodes but they seem not the solve this problem.

Hi @petrimax -

If you have a KNIME Server license, the scheduling feature makes this very easy:

If you are trying to approximate this on KNIME AP, you could use a Counting Loop Start node with an arbitrarily high number of loops, with a Wait… node inside of it. Of course then this workflow is running on your system all the time, and you occasionally have to restart it when you hit the end of your loop counter.

Does that help?


Hi @petrimax,

it depends on your use case.
If you want to have a Schedule e.g. it starting without Knime to be open - Knime Batch Mode or KNIME Server could be used.

If you want to start it manually, you could just include

In an endless loop (or a loop which repeats a certain number of times)

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