mySQL Database Reader connecting to Server from PC

Please keep in mind that I am new to KNIME but do have a development background specifically around databases so I should be able to muddle through.

Before anyone asks I have registered the mySQL JDBC driver. :)

I am trying to connect an instance of KNIME on a client PC to a server instance of mySQL with the following error:

ERROR Database Reader Execute failed: java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'Root'@'<pcname>.<domain>.com' (using password: YES)

My database URL is:


I changed over to using root to remove any potential permissions conflicts.

It appears that the credentials it is supplying are local to the pc, and not to the server or something similar.

Any ideas from someone who has done this successfully?

After you have registered the driver, did you also select the database driver in the node itself. The syntax looks okay, are you sure the server:port is correct, please also check the database-specific username/password within the dialog. Hope it helps.

Yes, I had selected "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" in the reader node.

I am lost: server name, port, and user/password are correct as well?