name the port (especially for Metanode)


Would be very helpful if the ports of node (especially the metanode) can be named!
By default it can be a concatenation of the previous node comment (comment on the bottom of the node).

The name of the port would be visible when the user pass the mouse on it!

This would avoid lot of in/out when we are in metanode and we want to understand what is going in for each ports!



Hi @PierreI -

You actually can do this for components (not metanodes) - you just have to do it in the classic UI since the modern UI doesn’t support it yet. Once you are inside a component, you can click the pencil icon to edit its description:

2023-12-01 14_41_55

Then scroll down to add names and descriptions to each individual port:

2023-12-01 14_42_03

Very Soon™. Something with V5.2 :crazy_face:


Hi Scott,

thanks. I didn’t know this (but I am currently not using COmponent, only metanode).

But so far, the port name are visible/readable only when you are outside of the component (not when we are inside), no?


have a nice day