Navigate to a URL

I want to navigate to a URL. Is there any another node that does it without using javascript snippet/ or which is the best approach for it?

You can use Webpage Retriever node:

You get output as XML and can then use Xpath node to extract data:

Depending on your use case you may also want to check out Web Interaction Extension:


Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my question, say I have a url like, I want a node when I run will navigate to the URL. My overall use case is to download the report in excel from a webpage after applying filters

So you run a node and:

  1. Browser Opens and navigates to the URL
  2. There is a dashboard or something and selection are made for filters that are then applied
  3. what you see is turned into an excel report?

I think 1) and 2) could possibly be done using KNIME Web Interaction (Labs) as linked above. Using Web Interaction Start Node, followed by Navigator (to browse to URL) and then depending on the website combinations of Clicker, Text Sender and Content Retriever nodes.

Turning that into an Excel Report? If possible likely only by a complex workflow that extracts the relevant data and mimics the format…

Maybe you can share an anonymised screenshot of what that page looks like? That’d allow to provide more concrete advice.