Need better understanding of Bitvector Generator node


Preface:  Newbie to Knime and I don't have a programming background :)

I am using Knime V2.9.2.

On the surface the Bitvector Generator Node description makes sense to me ...

But in using "Numeric Input (Many columns)", I am not getting the output results I am expecting based on the description "a certain percentage of the mean of each column is used as a threshold, then all values which are above or equal to the percentage of the mean are converted into set bits".

My understanding, from the definition, is a given column with a mean of 6.977 over 44 rows, I should have '0s' for the row values that fall under the mean and '1s' for values that fall above the mean.  This and ultimately all 16 columns I need to evaluate are integer values.

I am not getting that result for the example I mention.  There should be roughly 23 0s and 21 1's and I am getting all rows as "1s".

In short, I need to better understand how this node works, so I can use properly utilize and also have confidence in the output results.

I look forward to your response and tutoring :)



Hi Matt,

what value did you use for the percentage settings?

If you use 100% all values above or equal the mean value are set to 1, if you use 50% all values that are greater or equals 50% of the mean value e.g. if the mean value is 4 all rows with a value greater or equal 2 are set to 1 if you set the percentage to 0 all bits greater or equal to 0 are set to 1.