Need Expert's help using External Tool Node in loop


I'm calling a Java jar using External Tool Node  that calls an API and spits out a file. Unfortunately it fails often with 503 error code and I'm expected to retry again using Exponential Backoff guidelines (

Can you recommend some suggestions on how to do this in Knime 3.2? The 503 error message is spit out to the StdOUT and shows up in the Knime logs as shown:

2017-05-19 12:45:34,488 : DEBUG : ExtTool StdOut collector : CommandExecution : External Tool : 0:123:127:102 : STDOUT: Reltio API returned an Exception While executing the request... Request URL: https://URL |||| Error Code : 503 |||| Error Message: 503 ASDL: no dataload servers available, please try again later.



Hi josephgp,

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no straight-forward way in KNIME Analytics Platform to do this. In this case you would need to deal with such situations in the external script.