Need help for creating a side-by-side scatter plot for assignment

I am new to Knime and to programming. I am trying to create a scatter diagram that shows different data all at once. I tried to use the extensions in the Hub but am error called “Execute Failed: R View Table 0:24:0:10 R Home “C:/Program Files/KNIME” is invalid.” But my program is installed in the specified path.
Here is a screen shot of my work can you please help me out?

@gozcubukcu welcome to the KNIME forum. You might want to take a look at this example. Also: could you provide us with the R code oder the whole workflow:

Since this is an assignment one ode could be to adapt your example in this fashion and use that so you would have contributed to the task :slight_smile:

Hello Mlauber,

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I was able to install the R package and set it up. But now I got a new error " There is no package called “gridExtra” ad could not find function “grid.arrange”.
I don’t have a R code, how do I get one?


@gozcubukcu the component by @ashokharnal uses R and R packages in order to create the graphics. You will have to install R properly and adapt the example

For Starters you should follow the official guide. You will have to install R and I would recommend to install RStudio as well. You might want to follow the official guide:

then you will have to instal the necessary packages like ggplot2, grid and gridExtra that are being used in the component.



Here are the original links to the component and an example workflow:

My example uses another approach with Conda Environment Propagation that is not integrated with this example - one might adapt that but maybe they is too complicated right now.

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@mlauber71 thanks for the help. I was able to install and use R. But I had to change my data sets as well. I am trying to get a violin chart working which has multiple variables.

@gozcubukcu not sure what you mean by multiple variables. I have an example based on this Python/Seaborn violin plot configured as a knime node:

If you find a suitable python code it might be quite easy to adapt that to knime:

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