Need help on tool

HI, I am a begginer to this tool.
I am doing one Proof of concept on Social media Data mining. i have seen some video on you tube to learn the tool.
I have installed KNIME 9.2.2 for windos on my machine but i could not see most of the nodes in node repository like String to document, Parser (Any type) etc. which i have seen in you tube video.
i have installed Palladian for some of the nodes but i don't know how to integrate with KNIME?
Please help me how to get other nodes? and If anyone has any thing related to Social media data mining please share with me:

Hi Vishu,

The standar way to get additional nodes is: File/Install KNIME Extensions and there look for extension named "Text Processing", on the KNIME LabsExtensions subfolder.

Once installed, new nodes should appear on the node repository, inside "KNIME Labs" node folder.

(Just do the same to install palladian extension nodes and get them on the node Repository)

I would suggest you to take a look on the community server workflows to take some ideas about using knime on social media.



This article may help get you up to speed a little quicker.

-- Scott