Good morning, I’m new to this
and I have an excel with several sheets
but i only need to update 2 sheets
which node should i use?

hello @ZZ96HP,

weclome to the knime community.

you can use the excel reader node and then select the sheet.

tip: you can drag and drop the file you want to read into knime into the workflow and knime will automatically select the right node.


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Hello ZZ96HP,

currently the Excel Writer does not support appending of data to an existing sheet but only replacing. So you would need to read in the two sheets first, manipulate the data and then overwrite the existing sheets with the manipulated data. By the way the Excel Writer supports any number of input tables using the dynamic ports (three little dots on the node icon).

We plan to improve the Excel Writer to also support writing into existing sheets. So when you say you want to update a sheet do you want to overwrite values in different cells all across the sheet or mainly append rows to the end of any existing rows in the sheet?



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