Need some Ideas

Hello Everyone,
so i need your help.
I am working on an DataSet of an Onlineshop for Clothing etc. We got the Dataset with Cust-ID, Order-Id , Artikel, Price etc.

I need some variable for the analyses.
(basketValue/OrderID , Standard deviation of it )

You guys can maybe brainstorm and give me ideas for some other variable

Do you mean you need some Key Performance Indicators to derive from your data?

If so, some of them would depend on the particular shop and the customer segments it is addressing, but in general you should look at quantities like Average Order Value, Conversion Rate, Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate, Bounce Rate, etc.

If you google "e-commerce KPIs" you will find many articles describing them in details. This one for example:

There is also an extensive literature on the subject and you can also find online some standard reports to inspire you.

Hope this helps!