Need to collect GET params (which may be in different order) under columns

Hello everybody, I'm a total newbie with KNIME. Within the HTTP request I have many GET parameters, but they don't come in a consistent order so I can't simply split the row into columns. What kinds of nodes do I need to get columns of GET parameters, and the values in the rows, and if the GET parameter does not exist for that particular row, then the value is null?

Sample input:


Desired output:

a b c d e
1 2 3 null null
5 2 4 6 null



this can be done with a number of nodes:

1. Cell splitter on input column with split att &

2. Unpivoting node values are all previously split ones

3. Cell Spliter with = on newly unpivoted colum

4. Pivoting node, groups are RowIds, Pivots is columnsValues_Arr[0] and Manual Agg you need the column_values_arr[1]

Best, Iris