Need to extract image from excel sheet

Good Morning Everyone,

I need to extract set of images from from excel sheet and merge the image with particular details of previous document
i have tried image reader and dont want to download and upload it but the question is i have n number of excel document and cant add the images so please guide me

Scavenge Space inspection report.xlsx (1.6 MB)


It’s not 100% clear to me what you’re trying to do, I gather that generally you want to bring images embedded in an Excel sheet into KNIME so you can work with them further. This thread has a few possible ways to go about that:

If you can find a solution that works for a single Excel file, then you can implement looping for an arbitrary number of Excel files. So I’d start with that thread (in particular, the link to Gabriel’s proposed solution) and see if that gets you any closer.

If you continue to run into trouble please post your workflow in progress so that maybe someone can assist.

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