Need to join the two table corresponding to the month

Good Day,

I have an issue regarding to join the two table according to report date and vessel IMO NUMber
have attached the input file and output file . the desired output file have polluted at excel for refrenceLub Oil 1.xlsx (71.8 KB)
Lub Oil 2.xlsx (11.0 KB)

What have you tried and what exactly is the issue that you are having?

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Hi Elsamuel ,

i have uploaded the input table files need to be joined and sent the output filehave tried joining but the values are getting multiplied

I saw the files. My questions still stand. What exactly are we looking for?

but the values are getting multiplied

What does this mean? What values are you referring to? Multiplied how?

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From a cursory inspection of the data, I see 3 issues.

  1. The combination of IMO number and report date is not sufficient to uniquely identify each row, in either table. For each IMO Number/Report Date combination in Table 1, there are 3 rows in Table 2 that match. Therefore, when you do an inner join on these tables you end up with 598*3 = 1794 rows. Moreover, each IMO number/report date combination in Table 1 is shared by at least 20 rows.

  2. Table 1 contains duplicate rows

  3. In your desired output table, ~90% of the rows in the joining columns - IMO Number, and (T-42) Report Date - contain no data. How exactly did you generate this table


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